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The Safe Control of Operations (SCO) scheme covers all gas personnel involved in operational and/or minor works on the gas networks and certain types of meter installation. This includes, but is not limited to those who currently are, or will become, named Competent Persons or Authorising Engineers for both Permits to Work and Forms of Authority and, where appropriate, Routine and/or Non Routine Operations. As of the 31st October 2020 there was a revised course and structure for SCO training realeased. All SCO registrations were extended by EUSR till the 18th April 2021 to allow time for retraining as appropriate and all SCO registered individuals were required to watch an update video by the 15th June 2022 unless they have sat the new materials. 


SCO Initial (full course) - Operatives requiring new SCO registrations or operatives whose SCO registrations have expired.


SCO Renewal - For operatives who have an in date older SCO registration and a GL6 update record who wish to renew, or those renewing the new versions of the training courses delivered from Octover 2020. Operatives must sit their renewal training before their current SCO registrations expire.


IGEM GL/6 Update brieing - It is a requirement for anyone with a current SCO registration working on the gas network to have watched this update video by the 15th June 2022. It was also a pre-requisite for anyone wishing to undertake the renewal of their SCO registrations. As this date has now passed, unless a trainee has this on their EUSR record they will need to sit a new entrant course rather than a renewal course if they still have the older qualifications on their EUSR record. The older qualifications are;

SCO 1/2, SCO 4 & SCO 5. 


Courses are now modular and there are 5 modules in total. Each module is delivered as a separate registered course and the candidate sits the required ones to achieve their CP or CP/AE status.


It is no longer a requirement to cover both Forms of Authority and Permits to Work candidates should be put forward for the relevant courses for their role.


All candidates must sit module 1 SHEA Core. Following this you will also need to sit Module 5 ‘form of authority’ if you just require registration as a CP or AE to issue or receive FOA for access to operational sites to carry out lower hazard work - examples include grass cutting, painting, fencing (with no digging) or minor maintenance.


If you need to apply for registration to give or receive permits to work and/or forms and authority as per the previous SCO 1&2 registration you must sit Module 1 (Core), 2 (PTW) and 5 (FOA) – AE’s will sit a different assessment to CP’s for module 2 but can attend the same course.

For any CP or AE candidates wishing to be registered to authorise or prepare and/or receive Routine Operational permitry you must complete Module 1 (Core) , 2 (PTW), and 4 (RO).


For any CP or AE candidates wishing to be registered to authorise or prepare and/or receive Routine Operational permitry and Non-routine operational permitry you must complete Module 1 (Core), 2 (PTW), 3 (NRO) and 4 (RO).


You will also need module 5 (Forms of authority) if you are going to need to issue these permits as an AE or receive this permitry as a CP.

Please note training is only the first step in becoming registered as an AE/CP please see full requirements in GL6 ed3. 

Courses will be available from the 28th October 2020 onwards and open courses will be listed on our Open Course Diary Page.


New Entrant Course Timescales

  • Module 1 SCO Core – Half Day Course
  • Module 2 Permit to Work – Half Day Course
  • Module 3 Non-Routine Operations – 1.5 day course
  • Module 4 Routine Oerations – up to 6 hours
  • Module 5 Forms of Authority – Half Day Course

SCO Core is mandatory for all combinations of qualification, and SCO Permit to Work is Mandatory to progress to SCO Routine Operations or SCO Non-Routine Operations.


Renewal Course Timescales

  • Module 1 SCO Core – 2 hours
  • Module 2 Permit to Work – 1.5 hours
  • Module 3 Non-Routine Operations – 2.5 hours
  • Module 4 Routine Operations – 2 hours
  • Module 5 Forms of Authority – 1.5 hours

Please contact us for further information or to book a private course. Open course prices are published on the open course list page. 

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